Friday, January 12, 2007

How I spent my Blogiversary

I was all prepared to do a wonderful Dfilm. I sat down to begin and my mind went blank. A little bit like it is right now. Then Fran asked if I was ready to go to the space in CT, yes, yes, yes, a way to avoid the studio. and off we went to replenish the booth. I took along a little knitting and an html book thinking that I should do something instead of just stare out of the window. But that's what I did stare out of the window for the entire ride (2 hours) and the ride home.

Exciting, isn't it?, my life at the moment.

We did have "dog" discussions on the drive and it looks like we're both ready for a canine to enter our lives again, I immediately began pushing for 2. Here's the deal with that. We're looking for a small to medium sized terrier type female who is spayed. In the past we've had pure bred dogs, now we think a mixed breed would be best, although I wouldn't say no to an Affenpinscher.

Today we'll be running around looking for things to buy for the 2 spaces. That is very good. It means that we're selling so we need more things. Ah, I'm thinking that Mexico may be a possibility this year after all.

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