Sunday, July 06, 2008

More on the dog

So we went to my Mom's and sister's for the 4th and we brought smudge/billie/evie. My sister had told my Mom that we were bringing her so she was waiting outside when we arrived.

At first she wasn't so sure, The dog wanted to run around, check stuff out, and it was new so she was focused on the familiar (i.e. Chet), but by the time we were leaving little evie was in her lap getting all of the attention.

I haven't talked about the whole story on the blog, so I thought I should fill everyone in. -----

My mom has memory loss and depression associated with aging. It's been going on for about 2+ years I think. It's part of the reason we moved to Philadelphia, to be closer and to help out my sister. When we first moved here we brought Chet to the house for a visit, and my Mom fell in love, she could remember his name, she'd walk in the neighborhood with him, it was a very good thing, and my sister kept hinting that maybe we should give them Chet....but there is a problem with that, Chet is getting better but he is still a nippy dog. He has bitten a few people, with out warning, other people he just loves, so we thought (my sister, Fran, and I) that it would be a good thing to find a very loving dog to help my mom , something to get her involved and active. It's been about 6 months, and we finally found this dog. the rescue we got her from was interested in our story and also believes this might help.

So far so good. Just over the past 2 nights my Mom hasn't gotten out of bed at 3 am and dressed and wandered, she's been staying in bed until the dog wakes up. You guys, really, this is major.

So it looks like it'll be working out. We will be keeping an eye on things and we love "Evie" too so if something we don't foresee occurs we'll happily add her to the Philly family (she been good for Chet , his dominance is in check with a female around). So it's a good thing.... except for

my brother,
I just realized I'm not quite ready to talk about that yet.
I'll say this.... He has been ignoring the situation with my mom and suddenly he and his wife have realized how bad it is. And they think that everyone else has just had the revelation too, but we've been involved all along , Look we moved here. But now he thinks, and his wife thinks, they should be in charge. grrr.

yep, too angry to talk about it.


Sonya said...

Ah, family.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

sick Chet on him ;-)

PS...glad your mom is responding well to the dog. I know my pup is doing wonders for me, and it's a great day when I bring him with me to the convalescent hospital to visit with folks, too.