Thursday, January 08, 2009


these are two fun sites that I've been playing on recently

The International Delurking Week is nearing an end.
if you haven't left a comment yet.... please do.


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Well, I've commented before, but I haven't commented in awhile, so here ;-) Dude, was so far behind on blog reading (everyone's) that I to go back to election time to catch up with yours.
Re: 11/24 #5, you already ARE Fabulous ;-)
And I love your new Annie :-)

Andy Baker said...

I'm not even sure what delurking is, and I think I've left a comment, but I'll leave another. You should know that I was trapped on your blog for an hour the other afternoon watching videos - on a KNITTING blog no less. And I'll agree with TheAmpuT, you are fabulous. (And so is she.)

JohnK said...

Thank you.... It's a good thing that I'm an expert at the "Beauty Queen Wave"

I'm waving and blowing kisses.

Sonya said...

Make your own tartan - that looks like fun. Beauty Queen wave right back at ya!

Ragnar said...

I love that tartan generator, I play with it all the time.