Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Yes, here I am.

The shop is the shop.

The real news is the fantastic class that I'm teaching at MICA in Baltimore.

Material Construction, the emphasis is on machine knitting but we'll be exploring all sorts of off loom/non-woven techniques.

It's been years since I have been in academia so I thought it would take a while to get into the groove of it, but no. I have loved teaching this class from the very first moment.

The students are all very engaged and interested and that makes my job that much easier and exciting.

I'm hoping to give updates here at the blog and hopefully get some images of things that are going on in the class.

The first 2 sessions have been devoted to the most basic of machine stuff. casting on and off and some stitch manipulation. I can see some frustrations but there is a learning curve.

Now that we have gone over the basics the real fun should begin as everyone takes control of their machines and really starts creating.

I am soooooo excited

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Ragnar said...

Oh man! I'm so jealous. I've recently decided that having a classroom full of undergrads hanging on my every word is just what I want out of life.

Much luck, can't wait to hear more.