Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Craft Hack Project

warning - image heavy post

The First Project for the Material Construction Class was due this past week.

Project - Craft Hack
"Hacking is a subtle and arguably mystical art, equal parts wit and technical ability" -
Using your knowledge of machine knitting techniques, and other non woven textile structures, develop a work or series of pieces that explore the notion of craft as repurposed technology. Please use the knitting machine for at least part of the work.

I was blown away by the diverse interpretations that the class presented in the critique.

While I tried to get photos of each of the pieces some of my photos were less successful than others.
Just so members of my class know, some of the photos were really crappy. These are the ones that are less crappy. It is not a comment on any ones work.

Here's some of what we looked at.












Eun Hye


A lot of information to take in, and huge places for these ideas and work to go. I'm excited.


ellen said...

Some interesting work. I wish I could take your class! Can you expand on the media used with that last piece?

JohnK said...

Ellen, the final image is a totally digital piece. a drawing, some knitting of the drawing, a scan and all presented in digital form

Puzzler said...

Looks great John! What year are these students? what other classes have they taken? some of the work looks like grad work. They must have a good teacher! LOL wish I could see the work in person. can't really tell how big the work it.
I really like the Made by Hand by machine. Great twist on the concept and good use of materials. Wes's work looks like a chip board for a computer or a city stretching out the suburbs lite up at night from and air plane. Nice knit ball by Stacie, and the other work also is very interesting. I love the balloons as a material. smart.
Good luck all I look forward to seeing more of your work!
Yours too John.

a regular girl said...

handmade by machine = fabulous.