Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mess/chaos has its own energy

First off.... I just want to thank everyone who has been sending notes asking how and where I am. I'm not sure where I've been but I'm starting to feel like I am on the way back. Thanks to Tina (who is unfortunately blogless). She made a comment to me that the energy in the mess can be harnessed and used. So that is what I'm going to be trying to do.

I need to get back to the original point of this writing/blog - The studio wall.

Sometimes it isn't what I want it to be but, hey putting it out there is all a part of the process.

So....... Thanks you all for sticking with me. Who knows where this is going.

oh, and p.s. nice haircut.

1 comment:

Rabbitch said...

Thank you! And welcome back.

If chaos=energy=creativity I should be knitting a replica of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel any day now.