Wednesday, February 06, 2008


rugs, rugs, rugs I've been thinking about rugs lately. I'm trying to find a way to make something on the machine that I like. I plan to first work on a couple of ravel knit things using scraps of fabric that I've knitted. {For everything I show you there is a ton of stuff that I just put in a little box labeled, Work on Later.}

I think being on Ravelry has helped me to start getting things a little more organized (someone said it might do that, who?). Plus I really want to have a new body of work started and well on it's way in a couple of months.

I'm thinking geometric patterning, derived from traditional textile patterns.
I'm looking at scandinavian things especially, but what I'm really interested in is the patterning that develops from textile techniques. I'm looking at that and then applying it to a different technique. I don't even think that I'm making any sense at the moment.

Let me see ... an example

In some traditional knitted scandinavian patterns (I'm specifically thinking of mittens here) the patterning is derived from earlier embroidered designs but translated into knitted pattern. So what we look at and think, oh, scandinavian knit, was really first an embellishment on mittens which later became a patterned structural element of them.

I should stop now. hmmm.

Someone please tell me I'm making some sense.
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Michelle said...

I just read on your Ravelry page that you do most of your knitting on a machine. Remarkable! Never mind that I'm too lazy to figure out how to use mine, I am even more amazed by your work.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

You quit when I was just starting to understand LOL.

Rabbitch said...

You're making sense. You're hovering on the edge of something -- it's like having a word on the tip of your tongue and you KNOW what it is you want to say, you just can't quite grab the word out of your head.

I'm a little "in flux" myself. Things are being born out of my head. Most of them may be buried in the back yard eventually but that's why I live in the forest. Some will survive.

I look forward to seeing what you do next.