Thursday, April 24, 2008

The booth in Chicago

That's what we do. Drag stuff around the country and sell it.

I've got a busy few days ahead, so apologies for the brief strange little posts.
Today is garden day. I'm getting the front yard into some kind of shape. .. something that makes visual sense. I'm thinking a boxwood border, with vegetables and perennials wildly growing inside of that tight line??????

This afternoon Fran's Mom arrives. Everyone will be here on the weekend for THE WEDDING..... not ours, Jonathan and Lori's . So tonight we have fun, dinner at Osteria with Fran's mom. It's suppose to be Philadelphia's best restaurant and in the top 10 in the country, We'll see.

then Friday will be spent cleaning and getting the house presentable, The whole, entire family (Fran's) will be here Saturday morning for Brunch hosted by , yours truly. We haven't a clue about the food yet. I think it might be something like a Philly theme.... cheese steaks and pretzels...... but I haven't figured out how to translate that to brunch.

in between all of this we're going to see the B-52's , Friday night. the Funplex tour, should be fun, what will I wear?

Brunch, i mentioned..... Saturday evening the wedding. and I'm guessing more family stuff on Sunday. I hope I have some time to blog it, I'm already thinking of ways to sneak away.

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Rabbitch said...

Your life sounds like it's as busy as mine is these days. I hope you manage to squeeze some fun in there as well.

I like that wrought-iron dealie on the wall in your booth!