Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I am still around

This weekend saw the last of the scarves go. That part of my knitting machine life has gone.

The studio remains a gigantic mess. I have basically been spending my days huddled in the corner photoshopping images for the store website.

I've been knitting hats, too. every night sitting around and knitting a few rows on a group of hats, just fun silly stuff, things I keep forgetting to photograph.

The plan is to get back to the machines after Thanksgiving. (we're busy with shows until then). But when this show mania is past The machine will be set up and the old singer will be buzzing and I'll see what gets made.

So..... thanks to anybody who still might be dropping in here.
I'm still sane (somewhat) and I'm hoping that soon posting will be regular again.

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