Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's just my opinion ....

I have managed to do some work in the studio this week. I've finished a little of the newspaper knitting and I've been sewing like mad on these knit images.

Today's studio wall
and a very bad/dark photo.

So far I was only in the courthouse for one day of jury duty. I was lucky and didn't get picked for the first trial, and my # hasn't been called for any others this week.

Has anyone been to NYC to see the radical lace & subversive knitting show at the Museum of Art and Design?

Over all I thought the show was a disappointment. I'm not sure if it was the installation or the ambitious/ambiguous agenda of the curator that killed it. I walked away with a very bad feeling about knitting + lace as art and a really terrible feeling about the state of "Fiber Art" in general.
but I have got to say....
There were artists who's work seemed to overcome the limitation of the show.

*link heavy area ahead*

Piper Shepard - is it radical? is it subversive? I don't think so - what it is is good design and an extremely interesting take on the process of cloth making vs. art making.

Sabrina Gschwandtner - What can I say, I love her approach to knitting and the way she keeps broadening the definition. Sabrina, if you read this post I'd love to hear from you with thoughts on the show. You have my email.

Cat Mazza - Everyone who reads my yakkity yak knows that I have nothing but good will towards Cat, I've linked to her since I started the blog. I think her projects at MicroRevolt are radical and subversive. Her work is so accessible, I almost would categorize it as trans formative, both to the genre and to a larger audience.

Anne Wilson - please watch the video excerpt and then explore her site, lots of process going on there.

Yoshiki Hishinuma - I love the industrial applications stretched and manipulated to make us think ... handmade.

So there it is a little bit of my opinion.

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