Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ups and Downs

Sunday we went to the Hamptons to spruce up the shop and move some new things in and Fran wanted to go to the beach to take some photos. We get there (the month in both locations has been slow) get the room in order and drive over to the beach. It's our fist time with Chet at beach and it's a warm beautiful day. We walk along, Fran has his Holga out and all of the plastic toys and is working on the new series. I look up and see - how strange is this - someone I know. Any one who has spent time with me will know that I run into people everywhere, In mexico, in the UK, going to a quiet little dinner, it just happens. So there is this someone, and he's with his dog and a friend with a dog and they come over and ask about Chet, Chet doesn't mind the little dog but the friend's dog is a young portuguese water spaniel and a little bit hyper, Chet growls, tries to snap, we say our good byes, I think that the spaniel was also a little bit of a problem so they knew to just walk away, that's good. In the meantime, a woman (uber rich looking blonde hampton's type) comes on to the beach with 3 dachhounds and they are wild, crazy runnning around trying to nip other dogs , Chet decides not to even look at them and they don't come too close just about 10 feet yapping and yapping. all in all a good day at the beach even though it was short (the time on the beach) and three and a half hours from our house. The good part no snow there.

Monday is a day of the studio and just doing work , here's one of the sewn knitted things and the $ store glove.Tuesday is a roller coaster kind of day. Fran is in a mood and you can't tell if you might just say the wrong thing and set him off on a tirade. This can be about anything. money . politics, antiques, who knows. By the end of the day he's calmer and things are ,well, just normal.

We're sitting aroung watching tv it's about 10:30 , Chet is laying on the couch with us near my feet. He crawls up to me, whimpers and then goes totally stiff. I freak out + jump up. He looks dead, his head is tilted and his legs are stretched straight out, I go to the phone and start looking up the emergency animal hospital number, and I start looking around for everything for a rush to the vet's. Some where in there I moved Chet to his bed. While I'm doing all that Chet wakes up, and sits with Fran looking scared. I come in and he attaches himself to my leg. This lasts about 15 minutes.

We have had experience with dogs and seizures, but this one was different not so convulsive more of just a stillness. We go to the Vet today at noon, They say not to worry unless a pattern of seizures develops,

man that was scary, I'll let you know how the appointment goes.


Rabbitch said...

I'm still reading, just not commenting much. Mental downtime, preparing for the next leap into possibilities.

I'm so sorry that Chet had a seizure, or whatever it was. My thoughts are with you -- do let us know what the vet says.

Marlene said...

It sounds like a Grand Mal seizure. My dog had them for years. Medicated, they became less frequent and he lived a long and happy life.

Chet may have seizured prior to this without your knowledge. It could be the reason for his seperation anxiety that you mentioned earlier. My dog could sense a seizure coming on and would seek me out for comfort. Heck, seizures could be part of the cause of his "accidents" while you are away.

I'll be watching for your vet report.