Monday, March 27, 2006

Good Day Bad Day

First, Hi to everyone who has gotten here from Rabbitch's blog.

I feel like I won a popularity contest or something.

Seeing that little mention this morning had me whistling all of the way into work. tra la la la la, so innocent so unexpecting. I go back to the studio, It looks dirty. Now I'm messy but I'm not dirty. I look at the knitting machine, I look at all of the yarns and pieces of knitting, then I look at the table where I have a pile of books and sketch pads. Everything has dirt on it. It dawns on me, the new speakers that the bar upstairs just put in, the ones that have been vibrating the chandeliers, they have vibrated dirt loose from the ceiling. It's not in the whole shop just the back studio portion where the ceiling is wainscoting. My whole work space has a layer of dirt on it. Everything. I'm freaking out, what if the knitting machine gets f****d up?

I spend the next part of the morning just vacuuming and, yippee, everything is alright.

I go to take a photo of the latest wall , today's work. Oops the camera battery is dead.

You all will just have to look at this older image. Or page down or check out the archives to see the current bits of knitting.

Oh and to all of the first time readers, Please come back.


Marlene said...

Just popping over from Rabbitch's blog, but I'll definately be back. Awesome work you're doing!

Rabbitch said...

You're welcome :) I like reading about your work. Maybe I'll get the ol' White 1602 out of the (many) boxes soon.