Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What are you doing?

I've had a couple of questions about what I do... so here is the technical part. This is how the photographic images are knitted.

I have a Brother 970 machine with a ribber attachment. I bring my camera to parties and ask people to take pictures. I use the knitPro program at microRevolt's site to translate the sometimes photoshopped images into a grid pattern. I punch the pattern bit by bit into the low tech computer on the Brother and then I knit knit knit a double bed jacquard fabric. That's it.

The harder part is the, then what part... Since I taught myself how to work on the machine I have found that my casting off just really sucks. I can't seem to get it right., so I knit an extra little something at the end and sit down at an antique singer sewing machine and sew it. I do this with fingers crossed that a: the stitches are fairly even and b: that I don't forget to move my finger out of the way of the rampaging needle. I just found out yesterday from Corbett, that there are different types of needles for different fabrics. Makes sense. Who knew?

O.K. that's it for now. I'm at home not at the studio and that often means interruption. Next time I think I should begin adding links to the people I read. I have been a lurker on many blogs for a while. And have just returned to reading Franklin.

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