Friday, March 10, 2006


We are back from a great stay in Mexico.
A ton of stuff went on, like a trip to see the butterfly forest in Michoacan

The photos can't do justice to this. You just have to experience the millions of monarch butterflies in the trees, looking like menacing topiaries. Then the sun hits them and they start flying and you're surrounded by them and the sound.... it's like a soft rain with clicking. It was crazy

Other stuff that drove me wild.....
The Aztec Dancers in the Jardin, celebrating the 1st Friday of Lent and the acceptance of christianity. I'm getting dizzy thinking about it. Hundreds of dancers with loud drumming, shells and bells on their ankles, rattles, incense.....

All of the dancing (which lasted all day until about 10 or 11 that night) also included a "bull dance" led by transvestites. This group of dancers also led all of the others around the Jardin and to the church, the music would get quiet and psalms were sung....

I haven't processed it all, but I wanted to share a little bit on my first day back.

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