Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Muddled, Out of Focus?

It is about time that I acknowledge some of the places that I go to read.

There seems to be a story in this. A boring one, but a story.

One of the first blogs I stumbled across and still return to is The Knitting Fiend. I think I first ran across her when trying to figure out how to cast off on the knitting machine.

Through Lucia is think I found among others Yarn Harlot.

And then I started to read a lot of the knitting blogs., including JenLa and Rabbitch. From Rabbitch came The Casting On Couch and Yarn-A-Go-Go and The Panopticon and , well you know how it goes there were a lot of bookmarked blogs. Some about knitting, some about food, some, as you know, were related to project runway.

And then BOOM, I thought I should just join in and here I am.
Trying to write a little about the knitting that I'm doing. Thinking about dinner. Just putting it out there into the community.

The End

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

cool to see you're putting your art back out on the street where it belongs to be seen and appreciated. I remember the first time I met you: you were knitting the screenplay to sunset boulevard. the entire screenplay! i thought my god! this man be like one crazy van gogh (van ghagkhkgh.)

in fact, would be possible to see some of your other work on here? a retrospective of sorts. like the rug you knitted out of the sunday new york times or the piece of sushi tuna meat you knitted out of bow ribbon. or the famous barbie doll hat you knitted out of joint compound tape. bitchin!