Friday, September 08, 2006

3 days and 400 miles.

This has been a week with a lot of driving.

I have been missing the studio. I get antsy about the work when I don't have the time for any. It is all packed up and some is in the shop and some is at it's new home. I don't see the machines being set up this month. So I have been working on smaller hand knit projects. (swatches and more swatches) as I try to figure out fun quick easy things to make.

And I have been shopping.

I think this yarn that I got from Scarecrow Farm might become hats.

I also bought a few skeins of sock yarn, oh yea, and a bag full of mercerized cotton, a new journal/pattern book, a few circular needles and some new dp bamboos. It seems that all of the creative energy is going to stash and equipment enhancement. I decided to stay away from the knitting machine listings on ebay, it just feels a little to dangerous when I'm wanting a Passap e6000. Haven't even looked (I might today).

The market at Brimfield was ok, we managed to sell a few large things and that means less to bring into the house. I think it also is the reason that my back hurts. Moving furniture in and out of the van at 5 am yeah, that is fun.

BTW - Is there a simple men's cardigan pattern out there? I need novice level, first sweater kind of thing. If any one knows of one please send me the info. I'm getting into that nesting mood.


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

My favorite part of this post: "I also bought a few skeins of sock yarn, oh yea..."

That made me giggle. I get it. New sock yarn doesn't make me sing, but it does make me do a little happy dance.

As for the cardigan...hmmm...I'll keep my eyes open. Off the top of my head, I know Elizabeth Zimmerman has what seems to be a really simple Aran Cardigan (so simple that it is a drop shoulder) in "The Opinionated Knitter." I think there is a second cardigan in the same book. Her stuff is more like a recipe rather than a pattern.
Also, last night I was browsing through a friend's "Knitting From the Top," by Barbara Walker and there were cardigan formulas there, too.

happy knitting! ~bonnie

Marlene said...

Sweater Wizard is a great progam that lets you design any sweater you want, any size, any gauge, neckline etc. With you owning a knitting machine I'd definately say that would be a good way to go.