Monday, December 04, 2006

how I have been spending my time

It seems like I have been spending weeks trying to fit the things from the shop into the new room. This week I think I have nearly finished. Well, finished enough so that people can actually come over and see stuff.

Some how I managed to do all of this while barely able to move because I totally twisted my back and pulled a muscle while unloading from the last Pier show.

All of that is past now. I'm still sore, but my mood has improved ever so slightly.

My next goal is getting the studio into functional shape. I really haven't had the time or been in the mood to even knit a hat. no knitting for 3 weeks. wow.

Somehow I have also gotten it into my head that it's time for us to have a pet. I found a cat online (it's at the local shelter) and then there is one who has been visiting from the neighbors house.... I thought of catnapping him before he's eaten by the coyotes. But then I start to itch. So even though Fran says if I want a cat I should get one, I think maybe I don't really want that itchiness in my life right now.

So.... I started looking at dogs. Everyone who knows me will realize this a big deal. But wait, what if we do go to Mexico for a month or two..... Would we drive down with the dog? I'm so confused. So unless the perfect dog falls into my lap no pet in the near future.

Thanks for putting up with this little yakkity yak post. I'm going to NJ for a couple of days (family visit) and I hope my mood improves.


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

You can yikkity anytime that pleases you.
I like it :-)

Rabbitch said...

I recommend a pet rock. It's about all that works in my life these days.

Or yarn. Pet yarn, that's it!

(I'm longing for babydoll sheep but I don't think it's in the outlook for the next year, alas.)