Sunday, December 17, 2006

More holiday eating

The Xmas Tree has been decorated.

Just in time for the 2nd holiday dinner.

It was great having Cynthia around to help with the cooking.

A roast chicken and latkes once again, this time made with blue potatoes and parsnips. Oh, and yes we did drink a little bit of wine.

Tonight will be a little break from the week of feasting, while we plan the menu for xmas eve, west coasters welcome. It looks like a fish pie for the main dish. An orange flavored crust with vegetables, swordfish, sultanas, olives, I forget what else .... a little bit of 19th century sicilian cooking. What kind of sides would go with that?

There is still a ton of food shopping to do, oh and We have planned a bit of baking.

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Rabbitch said...

Dude, if only I could afford to fly out for dinner ...