Monday, June 30, 2008

Moustache Monday

Me A Mess
Notice the gray?
That plays into my mood this morning.
Last week we went out to dinner with our neighbors/gaybours(J. + Chuck). Their niece is staying with them for the summer and she was with us. During the dinner I mentioned that I had added my Facebook, Ravelry, and Flickr links to my blog sidebar. ...and
she said, " It makes me laugh when old people do all that stuff like Facebook"

Choke Sputter..........

Okay so she's only 22 but still....... Me ----- I was at a loss for words, yes, me.
I managed to gather myself together and ask If she wanted me to friend her. She said, "when old people friend young people it's a little stalkerish, don't you think?"


I told her ok then , If she feels like it she can friend me.

end of story....

To you - yes the one reading this..... if you feel like it, you can friend me (I'm the old guy with the grey beard)


jodi said...

Good grief.

Unknown said...

John, It took me about 3 months and a box of "Just for Men", but I'm getting used to my mustache and goatee. I'm still figuring out how to NOT get food caught in it. Tony

JohnK said...

Jodi - I'm all better now.

Tony -"Just for Men" after years of trying for gray/white hair. I'll keep the grey and work on the food issues