Saturday, June 14, 2008

Not a fun way to start the day

I visited Terrain at Styers, the new trendy garden lab by Anthropologie, yesterday and felt inspired on how to proceed with the back garden. This morning I was out there bright and early ready to move some of the pachysandra and pull up ivy from the spiraling stone path. My goal to get the bones of the place uncovered.


I was trying to move a huge bundle of the pachysandra, I was tugging, I was pushing, I was pulling.

It didn't want to budge. I saw a very convenient spot to place my hand and lift. I put my hand in the hole and felt pin pricks, burning little pin pricks. I looked down and there were bees on my hand and they were swarming out of the hand hold. AAAAAAA

I ran to the house, pulling off my clothes (some bees were in my shirt).

I got away lucky, I think. about 6 stings on my hand, and 2 on my arms. I ran out and got some benadryl at the store and put ice on the stings. They hurt a little but not too much swelling, I can still bend my fingers.

If my hand starts to look really nasty I'll take some pics and post them. For now it's just slightly puffy.

So I stopped gardening for the day. I should go and knit in public.


Mel said...

Can you bend your fingers enough to hold the needles?

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Yeah! What? Are you knitting with your feet??!

purlewe said...

glad you are (somewhat) ok. Please treat yourself good for a few days. plus extra chocolate!!