Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The day began ...

This day started out with my hearing about Cindy Sheehan's arrest in the House last night. Things are getting scarier and scarier where our freedoms are concerned. I thought it all rather ironic that it's happening at the same time as tributes to Coretta Scott King.

Anyway all of that combined with an email from Tina informing me that the year of the dog is not a good one for squirrels... Well it all just sort of set me up for the day. Yuk.

I have the yellow color way here at the house.Not too crazy about it.

I also ordered the new yarns. Brightly dyed acrylic. I think that they will be just the thing I need for this project. They are suppose to arrive on Thursday so I should have the sample color ways done by the end of Friday or Saturday all depending on how busy the store gets.

it is Wednesday and that means Project Runway. Lots of speculation going on. Will Kara be out? Will Santino have immunity?What the hell is the challenge anyway? All of this stuff is covered at Laura's Blog. Which I read 2 or 3, well 5 or 6, well, okay, 8 or more times a day. aside...
The images do sort of remind me of the inmates of an asylum, thank you, Cyn.

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