Friday, February 03, 2006

Waiting for the yarn

The new batch of yarn hasn't arrived yet. So today I think I will play around with some of the existing yarns and see if any of them will work with the new project. It's a rainy rainy day and I don't think that many people will be in the shop today so I should have a little time to work.

As long as it isn't as noisy as yesterday. I can hear the floor sanders working upstairs still but it seems that they are in the last little bit of the sanding so it won't be the constant noise of yesterday.

While I had a bit of down time on Wednesday I decided to make the cassoulet. I did a short version and used canned beans, I think it worked out.

I also haven't commented on the latest project runway.... here it is.

First off, I think that the challenge was a bad one for this stage of the competition. It was way, way, too much like a college sophomore materials project. Over all the designers seemed pretty even in what they created. I actually thought that Kara was the only one who worked with the material. All of the others seemed to just make a dress and glue some plant material on to it. and the worst of all of these was Andrae, astro turfy, so he had to be "aufed". The high point and most memorable moment was Santino's imitation of Tim. "Andrae, why is it that every time we come to the Red Lobster you run into the bathroom" Hilarious to hear, not so funny written down. I am still sticking with my original predictions for the final three, Nick, Chloe, Dan V. That, despite the fact, that Kara was made out to be a very likeable stoner in this episode. The person I really missed during this episode was Diana, as you all know she has always been my favorite, even when "aufed". Since she was the most originally creative of all of the characters I think she would have shown in this challenge. I think this challenge also pointed out Santino's weakness/strength, which I would call an unbending ego. Who knows maybe he will some how manage to make that work for him and get into the final three. Just a little of what I've been thinking.

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