Thursday, February 09, 2006

a Project Runway Rant

This show was the worst project Runway ever.
I have always been a Nick fan so his being "aufed" is bad. But the whole show felt so edited and weird and I just hated it. There was something very strange in the way the comments were edited. What was it.

The voice over when Heidi spoke?

The really really bad Chloe makeover by Dan?

The faces that Michael Kors kept making and his nasty nasty comments? He really should just go back to his studio and inspiration ( wealthy socialites).

Ugh.... the whole thing has just left me feeling very anti-Project Runway.

There are tons of comments at Blogging Project Runway.

Everyone was at their worst this episode, well except Chloe. But then again look at what she had to wear. I hate reality TV.

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