Thursday, February 16, 2006

These 3 are the first things off of the machine this morning. None are complete all feel like mistakes. Grrrrr...

Some days I just feel like I am in a struggle with the knitting machine. The yarn catches, stitches are missed, I am driven mad.

Maybe I am still thinking too much about Project runway. I was unenthusiastic about watching the show last night. All of my favorites are gone. Diana, then Nick. Now Santino, Dan, and Chloe have made it to the top three. I have a feeling that Santino might win. His collection at fashion week looked good in the photos. I'm hoping the win goes to Dan.

I'll be away when things are decided on the show, I don't think I'll really miss seeing the final episode.

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Anonymous said...

ugh. hating PR now...all the dresses were ugly and Iman should have made the "designers" put on their own creations and walk the runway just so they know how it feels to commit to something so ridiculous. I guess living in Woodstock (or at least endlessly building a house there) has made her forget the shame involved in wearing a crap dress on the runway. She will be reminded, I am sure!

Could the new chef show be any good? looks strangely like the Martha Apprentice set up. Thats not a good thing!