Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Case is Not Unique

With apologies to Violette Leduc.

I am participating in a consumer interview, supposedly I represent 50,000 people in the statistical survey. I must be one of 50,000 blogging gay textile artists that the industries that control us need to know about.

One of 50,000 shop owners who walked into their shops today to find plumbers and the building supervisor in the shop.

One of 50,000 people who is about ready to explode because they were thinking that this morning would be a good knitting morning on the machine, but instead found the plumbers had moved ladders and other equipment into the workspace.

One of 50,000 trying to remain calm and getting more and more pissed off that this was all done without any notice.

Yes, it gives me some comfort to know that statistically I am not unique.


Rabbitch said...

My goodness! Who would have thought that there were that many of you?

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

I feel your pain.
Artist #49,999

JohnK said...

According to the interviewer we all represent 50,000, it's true . she said that.