Sunday, July 23, 2006


Things are whirling around here.
Last night during dinner the deer and twin fawns were in the yard. I jumped up and said, get my camera I have to get a photo for Rabbitch. So Janice, these are for you even though crazily unfocused. I think I may be beginning to think like a blogger.


Rabbitch said...

Thank you! They're more identifiable as deer than the ones I photographed from my studio window.

Isn't living in the woods the best? Well, until you'd like to have nice fresh carrots right out of the garden, that is ...

Anonymous said...

hi honey!!
i love these pix!
thinking of you in south america...job ended today (uglier than usual, go figure) and up in a week...hopefully next thursday.

miss me the last of the lemoncello!!