Friday, July 14, 2006

Randomness on a hot afternoon

1. The evil landlord was in yesterday. It seems that the drip in the back of the shop "can not be fixed with out considerably expense". I take that to mean it will just stay.
2. I mention the fear that my windows will be smashed one night by the bar patrons. Her response, "we get a rough crowd up there some nights". That sounds to me like I should be afraid.
3. I feel bad that I am boring everyone with these minor tales of woe.
4. I have gotten it into my head that I should knit a mobius strip, I'd like to use newspaper. Maybe I should check into an institution right now.
5. This week there was a mother turkey with at least 14 babies sitting in the tree in the back. They seemed awfully clumsy to be sitting in a tree.
6. Happy blogiversary Rabbitch!
7. "merde" AmpuTeeHee, a little late but merde all the same.
8. All yarns get sticky in very humid weather.
9. Knitting machines don't like the humidity either, believe me, I know.
10. Two fans are better than one and iced coffee is even better.


itgirl said...

Great. Now I'm craving iced coffee. THANKS A LOT.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Thanks for #7!...and I'm living #8 right now, and #10 seems the perfect solution.