Monday, June 19, 2006

I am calmed down after yesterday's post and the store flood. The way the shop stands now.... The bar is closed until the plumbing problems are fixed. I can hear the plumber working upstairs right now.

My diversion from yesterday. The Peruvian or Bolivian hat from the 50's

knitted of a fine wool.

And the other hat and Lucia's haiku. For some reason I have the urge to knit one of these. I ask again, Is that wrong?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry the plumbing disaster is still not resolved. As for the hat, I love these. I had a friend who started knitting these. She set up a little shop in a Montana ski resort before anyone knew what skiing was. It was just her in a folding chair, her dog on a rug, and a pile of these hats done in thick wool, earthy colors. Then other knitters joined her and before long the cool guys on the ski patrol started wearing them and the rest is history as they say. So to me, these hats when hand knit represent the coolest of the cool in fashion. Man, I gotta go knit myself one, and just wear it around town, you know, to the feed store, grocery shopping with the kids, so I can feel cool, way cool. You gotta knit one too John.