Friday, June 02, 2006

I doesn't look like Melissa and I will be doing the project for the textile symposium in October. We haven't heard from the jury yet, but I would guess at this point that we aren't picked. The idea will continue though.

If I haven't told you we are planning a project based on the idea of the exquisite corpse. We are each beginning a piece and sending it to the other for a response and then back again. For lack of a better word we are calling the finished object/objects a quilt. It really will be a collage of textile ideas.

Some of my imagery will be the stuff you all have seen, the portraits. This one of M and me and who knows what else. I'm playing with the idea of putting the things up on the blog as I work on them. Showing the process.

So that is my thinking this friday morning.

I have also been looking at pet finder dot com . I found a little affie but when I mentioned it to Fran he poo pooed the idea, I guess we aren't ready to have any pets at the moment. I'm not positive about it either. I was just looking.

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