Monday, June 05, 2006

Machine maintenance

After days distracting myself from doing any work and playing with DFILM, (I'm not linking to this if you want to go and make films see my previous post), I worked on cleaning up the machine today.

Then I began doing some plain knit things that I think I'll dye in some sock yarn experiments. If they work out there will be photos.

The other socks are progressing I think this week I should have them finished.

Weekends at the shop are wiping me out. I have to be so social and talk to tons of people. Most of them aren't interested, but I try to keep myself up.

I am also back to embroidering the knitted faces. That always seems to be troublesome but I'm pushing through with it.

So I'm busy and doing stuff and, wow, the grass in the yard is so high I'm surprised the neighbors haven't said something.

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