Thursday, June 08, 2006

My 100th post

Just making a note of that.

The rude people have started coming into the shop as soon as the sign is turned. I think that there is an auction preview in town today. That may drive me over the edge.

I've been busy knitting the sock yarn experiment. I don't think that it is quite working. But I'm continuing.

I woke up last night thinking about George W. Bush and what an asshole he is. This attempt at an amendment to ban gay marriage has left me feeling bashed. How hateful can people be? very it seems. I 'm not going into that..............

Another entry in the small world category. Cynthia had a friend, Tomas, visiting from Mexico. He's originally from Tuscany and now lives in Mexico City. His sister also is in Mexico and has a restaurant in.... yep, San Miguel de Allende, and I've been there and I met her. So the world is a tiny tiny place.

So off to knitting and acting aloof, this is a snooty shop after all , isn't it?

Oh one other thing. Josh's film a/k/a Tommy Chong is going to be at the Film Forum June 14th - June 27th. EVERYBODY go and support this!

We now continue with our regularly scheduled knitting day.

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