Friday, June 23, 2006

This week has been busy and surprising.

The leaks aren't as bad as they have been, the bathroom leak seems to be fixed, I haven't had puddles in the shop. The bar has a busy schedule up so we'll see what happens over the weekend. I'm nervous about it.

Other stuff has been good.
Someone was in the shop on Monday and we were talking about my work and she is interested in showing it at her shop in NYC. That is pending and I'll update as I know more.

Yesterday a woman who is curating a show at the Kleinart / James Arts Center in Woodstock came for a studio visit. She picked out seven pieces for the show. All of the newspaper ones including this. One Day. Which is one day of the New York Times knitted.

She also pick all of the text pieces. So I was happy and sad about it. She didn't want any of the machine knitted things because their scale was too large for what she wants in the show. So it's all of the small things (and the older work).

Anyway the show is up July 1 through August 6 and the opening is July 1, 5-8 if any of you are around Woodstock NY that weekend. I'll be there.

I also have five of the pieces ready to send to Melissa in Toronto for that project. The blog about it isn't where I want it yet but that's being worked on too.

I'm wishing I lived close to Vancouver BC. I think the party there this weekend will be great.

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Rabbitch said...

omg, you KNIT the newspaper?

I shall henceforth stop calling myself an artist. Clearly I am a poseur (as was likely suspected by many).

I wish you were here too. No idea who's coming but there's lots of food.