Thursday, January 26, 2006

1 or 2 things about project runway

I know this isn't a T.V. blog or a "reality" blog but last night on project runway ..... I just have to comment.
1. I think Zulema so deserved to get the "auf Wiedersehen" from Heidi. That dress was a nightmare. But I wonder why doesn't Michael Kors get the Auf Wiedersehen. His inspiration was so lame. And those sneering faces, like he just step in a big pile of dog s**t. He needs to go.
All of this is covered at blogging project runway. read it!
Why, Why, Why, Zulema did you take Tarah away from Nick? That was his muse. But now I would say " Nick get over it" .
You still can win and Zulema's gone.
Santino. We have seen it all before. (yawn).
Chloe, one more step.
I think that I have lost my mind

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