Thursday, January 12, 2006

Time to work

This is an image of one of the fly pieces. It's done on the machine and then sewn.
Yesterday turned out to be uneventful in the studio, Some plumbers were working on the bathroom in the space upstairs and that meant they needed access to the pipes near the space I'm working in. So there was no knitting accomplished. I'm trying to work on a group of knitted portraits. I'm working on a brother KH-970 and I input all of the images and then knit them as a double bed jacquard. It's a little crazy since I often feel that I don't know what I'm doing (self taught knitting machine user). As soon as I can figure out how to post some images here you'll get to see the work.

Last night when I got home I just didn't feel like cooking so I made a simple soup with whatever was in the refrigerator. Turned out to be cabbage and corn, tasty but very boring.

Let's see how long I can be working before I get interruptions today.

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