Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday 'til...

Here is the pile of knitted scarves waiting for the final manipulations. At this point I don't know what the finished product will look like exactly...

Finished and fulled. Washed and dried. These are going to come along with me this weekend so I can try to gauge a response.

So here it is Wednesday. We leave super extra early tomorrow and I won't be back until Sunday night, so I guess this will have to last until then.
I did manage to get the scarves done. The before and after shots really don't tell the whole story.

The truth is today was a just a boring day. One of those days filled with little chores and things that just had to be finished.
Tonight for dinner it has to be easy. I'm using some of the paprika from Hungary, a mix of both types from Cynthia and Carol. And I'll serve that over couscous. With some steamed vegetables and a simple salad. That is about all that I can muster today. Looking forward to lots of good eating this weekend though.

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