Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kim Chee

Today I have been thinking about Kim Chee. I keep thinking that I should try to make it. I found a few recipes and most of them look fairly simple. My bf thinks that everything in the house will smell but I would guess that's only if you're fermenting it, right?

Another thing related to food. I finally made it to Cafe with Love in Saugerties, I went for lunch and it was very good, and the atmosphere was so so cozy. I'm going to try to get back there soon. They are also opened for diner Fri, Sat, and Sun so we're looking forward to trying dinner. We shared a Thai crab sandwich and a pear and bleu cheese salad. Both were super. and we loved the coffee and the Dutch style apple pie was , well what can I say there wasn't a crumb left. If anyone reading this blog is in Saugerties New York , Luc and Nina are welcoming hosts and I think you will like eating there.

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