Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dusting and Sweeping

Today I'm back in the shop after being away for a week. Yesterday we managed to get everything unpacked and this morning I've just been trying to get it all in some sort of order so that it all looks good.

I keep walking past the knitting machine and thinking I should get some work going on it.

There is still cleaning to do around the store though so I'm not sure if any of my work will get done today.

It's time to work on some new imagery.

I'm thinking of using a lot of the knitted pieces I have done to make one large thing. I don't know what to call what I'm doing. Wall Hanging? Blanket? I'll just use Thing for the moment.

I'm getting excited about doing a collaborative project with Melissa. The deadline for the proposal is May 15th so we had better get moving on it. (hint to Melissa).

Back to the life of a shop keep. Where's my feather duster?

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