Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I had all of the work ready to embroider with me. But I did nothing on it.
I discovered that embroidery really isn't that good of a thing to take along on a trip. If you drop a needle in the van it just might fall somewhere in the seat and you may not discover that until early one morning when you're rushing to the show and find it by sitting on it. That could have happened.

It looks like I may be going back to the needles for travel. Maybe I will even take Rabbitch up on her suggestion and knit (oh my god) socks. I could probably have one toe done or a heel or something and then I could put it into the little box, well not that little, on my shelf along with all of the single mittens, started mittens, bits of hats etc...

I am not like the woman in this painting.

I thought I could use this image that I saw at the show to distract everyone from the fact that I did none of my art work on this trip. I don't know the artists name or the title of the work. It was painted in the teens and a gallery had it exhibited at the show. After I snuck a photo I went back to get the information but it had sold and was gone.

For us it's another day of unpacking from the show. And tomorrow to the shop to get the van unloaded and the place organized. That must be why I feel like taking a nap.

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