Saturday, April 15, 2006

I was tired before the day even started.

We packed the stuff for the show out of the store early this morning. Town's crowded with lookers, hopefully some buyers will come out too.

My mind is on the Spring/Passover/Easter dinner that Cyn and I are planning for tonight. The theme is..... Mexico. It seems like all of the theme dinners of late have been Mexico. Tonight I get to try some of the recipes from the Mayan cookbook I've been reading. A turkey mole? maybe, if we have that we'll also have to think up something for the veggies. Fran suggested a Tempe or tofu mole. I think I could do that. I bet the tempe will work best.

The idea is a Seder sort of dinner. With tortillas instead of matzo, and we'll have readings but not a haggadah. I think it's about exodus, changes and renewal. Writing it down makes it sound fancier than it will be.

So, I've got to go now and think about what the readings will be.

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