Monday, April 03, 2006

edges / finishes

Some days there seems to be too much going on to get any machine knitting done. Boring things like the dentist and doing laundry.

And then there is the little matter of sewing up the edges of a lot of the panels. I just don't like how the cast off edge looks for these. It's too containing or something. It doesn't allow for the possibility of the knitted fabric having a place beyond it's edge. O.K. Anyway I'm sewing them.

I've been cleaning up the guest room, too, because Miss - Melissa - Melissa and Nina are going to stop by the house at the end of the week, I think Friday as they go on to NYC.

I am already trying to come up with a fun and good late night supper.

Melissa is the person I have been friends with longer than anyone. We have been through much stuff together. Wow, and now that she's in Toronto I rarely get to see her. I'm excited.

She did a great interview with me for the final issue of surfacing journal. I can't link you to them since their site is now down. You'll have to contact a Canadian friend or maybe you can get a copy through the Ontario Craft Council or the Textile Museum of Canada.

It's back to cleaning for me.

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