Sunday, April 02, 2006

Flashing stash

I've noticed some stash flashing around the knitter blogs. I don't think I'll flash mine.


I'll let you know that in the fall I donated over 250 cones of yarn ,all of them 1 pound or more, to a local materials recycling program, and that wasn't even half of the stash. When I moved the studio there was a van load. Oh, and I bought more to make up for what I was missing.

It's not just the yarn stash that I've been thinking about this morning....

There are a lot of knitted panels. I try to make a new one every day. Converted stash.

And there is the little matter of the packing crate of needles. Doesn't everyone need every type of needle in every size with a few extras?

Looking around the studio, what else is here, a few knitting machines (counting the ones hidden at home under the bed, 6 and 2 ribbers) ..... I won't mention the looms.

Time to go to a diversion... Stardoll.


Anonymous said...

hi johnny baby
love your new "tag line"...hope you had a good weekend!
miss you and see you soon.

Rabbitch said...

Heh. I have only one wheel, one knitting machine and one loom. We will not discuss the file cabinet full of patterns or the two vases full of needles.

Or, you know, the ten fleeces or the two new wheels I'm ordering once we move.