Saturday, April 01, 2006

Same as yesterday different color

The first part of my day today was spent struggling with the machine. I still haven't figured out what's going wrong. I think I just had a button in the incorrect position.

So I managed to knit this.

Well. really the first part of my day was spent sweeping the sidewalk. It may seem like a good thing to some, you know who you are, to have a bar right above the store. I'm here to say. "it's not".

Today while there were no beer bottles on the doorstep there was broken glass, and the usual array of cigarette butts. I just swept it all into the street. The owner offered apologies and offered me a drink, this is at 10 in the morning. I asked that they keep the noise level low until I close at 5. Yea, same day different color.

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Anonymous said...

i went to a wedding reception this evening. the bride had the big idea of having guests crochet a panel of a nuptual quilt. i thought these jokers were kidding when they sent me the request and the empty panel, but when i arrived, there was a table full of napkin-sized, crocheted handiwork. i was aghast. next time something like this happens, i'm going to call jon krynick and say, crochet me a NAPKIN, PLEASE!!!!!