Monday, May 15, 2006

Things are working

My plan today was to get to the studio early and re-organized things. I've let it fall into a pretty messy state. First I had to get something knitted. I've been wanting to try some of the images with a cotton.
The machine cooperated ( I oiled and cleaned it yesterday) and I managed to get this done.
The strange thing is the color. I think that the cotton is absorbing a lot of light so I apologize for the photo.

Soon to come.... images of the tube that may one day become a sock. Corbett and Jim are enabling me and I now have sock yarn and a pattern.


Anonymous said...

A thought.
We can machine knit the leg for a sock...
Seam it...
Pick up stitches around the bottom, knit a few rows, then do the heel and foot.
You can wrap your face... or anyone's face around your leg......

JohnK said...

So now you can see where it's going. I see it. Now I've got to learn to turn a heel.