Sunday, May 14, 2006

When good machines go Bad

The culprit.

My machine is angry at me, I think.
I promise that I will do regular cleanings of you from now on so that the wall doesn't have too much of
This ...

There it is. An attempt at knitting some cotton this morning.

It might not totally be the machine's fault, you see, last night...

Even though my birthday isn't until Tuesday, we had a little get together. Good food and wine and friends and wine. Let me take a moment to say thank-you to this man. With his help and plenty of water I am feeling just about human.

I don't want to say that I am freaking out about this birthday, 49. I should hold off until next year and the mid-century mark. Every birthday freaks me out though.
So those are the factors that have contributed to the mess on the studio wall this morning. Just thinking about that makes me feel like going back to bed.


Anonymous said...

Link for a generic sock pattern. # of stitches cast on will depend on gauge/ankle measurements...
I like this pattern because it explains the proportions.
I have another pattern I'll bring for our sock knitting session...

Rabbitch said...

Happy birthday, in advance. And I'm sorry about the hangover. Someone must have slipped alcohol into your wine.

They do that to me all the time. Bastages.

I'm hoping my machine doesn't do that to me, though!