Saturday, May 20, 2006

This has been a busy week with tons of non knitting stuff going on.

I have been working on the sock. I did the heel and hate it so I am ripping it out and starting it again.

Meanwhile I have taken Corbett's suggestion and knitted the leg of a sock on the machine. I dug out some of the alpaca from my stash and revived the bug pattern from the scarves.

Now I'll pick up stitches and start the heel and foot.
And then faces on legs.

I'm using the socks right now as a rest from the machine work. The art. It's a good break and gives me some time to think about the machine knitting and the final form for the work. 2 people looking at the things have asked if they are going to be mounted and framed. I guess that's a good thing, they are looking at them as art and not asking if I'm making pillows or a sweater (not that I have anything against pillows or sweater or any other functional knitted objects It's just not what these are).
So I'll continue work on the socks. Fran laughs and can't imagine that I will actually make a pair. He has seen the boxes of single mitten, gloves, and partially knitted patterned hats that I thought were well hidden.

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Rabbitch said...

Ooh, faces on socks! That's cool.