Monday, August 28, 2006

2 Days Into The Sale

First, Thanks to Reader #7 and Reader #2 for your comments and sale lust.

Some things are moving. I am guessing that this week and the holiday weekend will be the most active time here.

The plan for this week is to get the studio pretty well packed up. That means no knitting machine news for a while. I am still doing the little projects, the sort of stuff that I can do while watching TV at night. (yawn) My attempts at being a real knitter using needles, and a pattern, and wool, stuff like that. We will see if anything gets done. Maybe there will be photos.

Otherwise the blogging may be sparse as I pack and clean and plan the open house for Saturday , OH, yea and I have got to get the things together for the trip to Toronto and the finishing of the unknown object.... That is planned for the end of September. Before that there will be the Brimfield antique market. and the sale is on for a month so.... I had better go and start working.

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