Monday, August 14, 2006

More store strangeness

Yesterday, a beautiful sunny and warm sunday, two women came into the shop. They looked around for a short time. Then they stood about 7 or 8 feet (2 meters) from me and started talking to each other about whether or not I looked like John Travolta. Really! Talking like I wasn't sitting right there and couldn't hear everyword they were saying.

This is just a sample of the insanity I get to deal with in the shop.

Or is this a zoo?


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

I've been sitting here giggling for several minutes now with this fantasy of you hitting some secret button from behind a desk at that exact moment and the shop goes dark, and the music pumps, and the floor lights up all disco-like, and you toss on a white tux jacket and and and....hahahahaha.

Dude, I get shit like this every day now, but at least YOU are being compared to a hottie pop icon...quit whinin' ;-)

It can be a zoo.
Just be very thankful it aint a petting zoo.

Rabbitch said...

I'm gigglesnorting madly. And even more appreciative of the fact that I work alone. Locked behind a steel door set in a cement wall, in a basement. All I really need now are chains to set the mood.