Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's been getting busier.

I finally completed the things to send to Toronto. We are semi documenting the project at A-list Textilist and I have an image posted there.

There are also the "little" projects that I'm working on. Today at the farmers market I bought a skein of wool for a scarf.
It's from Scarecrow Farm in Hollowville, New York, the same people that I buy great eggs from.

The major part of the week though has been preparing the shop for a moving sale. It will start this weekend with everything 1/3 off. Here's the shop before the sale begins.

I'm nervous about it. All of this stuff needs to go, or most of it anyway.
The gallery at the house is almost done. We really just need the steps installed. We're planning an open house for next Saturday with a painting exhibit and sale. So a busy week ahead. I will try to keep you all (all 10 of you) posted on what's up.


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Hey, can you take what's left and list it here (or on a new blog) for sale via paypal? Or maybe set up an etsy shop?

Clearly Reader#7 here doesn't like feeling left out when she hears the word "sale."

Rabbitch said...

Reader #2 here, checking in, also annoyed that she's missing a sale even though she has no money at all to go to one ...

And those eggs look, um, well, good enough to eat *g*