Monday, August 07, 2006

Shop Question

I was thrown for a loop today when I got the dumbest or craziest or most stupid question that I have ever gotten in the shop.

A woman who had been in the shop earlier in the day came back in with her husband. She immediately said that she was just showing her husband a few things. Fine.

They look around and she comes up to the desk and asks " Um....Are these things for sale?"
My answer, wide-eyed "yes"
"Oh, Okay" and then they walk out of the shop.

Everything has a price tag on it. Did they think I just sit in a commercial district with an open sign to show off my beautiful things?

Wow, a first in the eighteen plus years in business. I am almost speechless.


Anonymous said...

Pretty weird behavior, I agree. Thanks for the info on the Affy, cool little dogs. Can't wait to see what becomes of the Times, too.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it wasn't Sunday...
The crazies were out in force on Sunday...