Saturday, August 19, 2006

The people who come into the shop provide me with endless amusement.

This week I had a long conversation with a woman about things in the shop, local places to go see and do. It was a fairly long conversation for the shop. She seemed normal and interesting. Then she says "I guess I can assume you're French?" , I say "why?". "Well, your accent". "Uhm, no that's New Jersey". "Oh" and she leaves the shop.

Tina, I know that you suggested that I speak to people in various accents while in the shop. But I wasn't. And I wasn't wearing a beret, who knows.

The rest of my week has been the usual machine knitting and sewing and at this point the work is at a creative standstill. I have a goal to get this one piece finished and off to Melissa. The goal was Friday, now moved to Monday.

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Rabbitch said...

I'm still knitting for my friend's birthday, which was in March. And my brother's birthday which was in April.

And um, some slippers for my mother from two years ago.

You're doing fine.

Of course nobody is going to be displaying these anywhere. On second thoughts ... hurry up!